Aegis, the mythic shield of Zeus and Athena.

“It produced a sound as from a myriad roaring dragons and was borne by Athena in battle… holding the precious AEGIS which is ageless and immortal: a hundred tassels of pure gold hang fluttering from it, tight-woven each of them, and each the worth of a hundred oxen.”
– The Iliad

If you measure your decibels in dragons roaring, and you paid many oxen for your AV gear, you need it to remain ageless and immortal.

When a former Marine — serious about protection, precision and gear — went searching for an AV cabinet sleek and gorgeous enough for his wife’s aesthetic, but functional enough for his standards, it just didn’t exist…

The result: Aegis AV.

Form follows function. Some of us want more function in a better form.
If you are one of us, order now.  Quality like this can not be mass produced.