Have you ever had to store your AV equipment inside a closet, pantry, or cabinet? While this may have worked for a little while, none of these storage areas were designed to protect your expensive electronic equipment from overheating. Instead, it’s important to consider a solution such as Aegis AV Cabinets, which were specially designed and built as a solution to this common dilemma. 

What’s so great about this particular model? Electronic House recently named the Aegis AV Cabinets Athena Professional Series AV-A Tower one of five award-winning products for your home cinema system. This type of cabinet ensures that the equipment inside is spaced in such a way that air is directed through the cabinet and heat is forced out. The cabinet also includes high-tech surge protection, keyless door locking, lighting, and other features such as premium grade wood and glass. The cabinet is also available in four different stain finishes and two piano style painted finishes, so you can find the right model that fits your space.