In order to protect your AV equipment from breaking down early or working at low performance, you need to maintain it properly. Keep it free of moisture, out of direct sunlight, and cool. How do you cool AV equipment? You could run a constant fan over the components, but this would become expensive and would crowd your outlets that are already loaded with AV equipment power cords. An excellent alternative that is free to maintain and extends the life of your AV equipment is AV cabinet cooling. When you place your equipment in AV cabinets, you can protect your AV equipment. Here is how. 

Facts about AV Equipment

It is recommended that you protect your AV equipment by keeping it in temperatures below 85 degrees. Temperatures higher than that can sharply lower the components’ performance and lifespan. A simple investment in AV cooling prolongs the life of your equipment and cuts down on your repair or replacement costs.

Microprocessors are highly likely to overheat and burn out. Plastic components can melt and the outer shell that keeps AV equipment looking sleek and modern can shift or break down at high enough temperatures.

This dangerous heat actually comes from the AV devices. They produce heat that threatens to break them down. Much of the electric power that they intake converts into heat. The more powerful your stereo or TV is, the more heat it will generate. Also, the wattage and size of the system can contribute to higher generated heat. Packing several electronic devices next to each other or placing them on the floor can spike their heat production.

While these electronics self-ventilate, they are unable to keep themselves at an ideal temperature for everyday operation. An AV cabinet cooling system, though, is sufficient to keep them at a healthy temperature.

Physics of Heat

Hot air can be destructive. It can settle around AV equipment, creating a pocket of air around the devices. Like gradually placing objects on top of a glass table until it cracks and shatters, hot air will slowly cause temperatures to rise until the electronics overheat and become slow or damaged. In order to interrupt this process, the heat must be able to escape and cool air must flow under it. This will allow heat to rise and then dissipate. In order to prevent overheating, you must allow cool air to access the equipment.

A cooling AV cabinet is set up to allow maximum air flow. With vents, an open top, large openings in the back of the cabinet, and open joints, cool air can flow naturally through the cabinet, creating a healthy cycle of heat escaping and cool air entering the system. This will allow your AV equipment to remain cool and operate at its best for as long as possible.

What’s more, AV cabinet cooling does not require operating costs, as a fan would, or running your thermostat at a lower temperature in rooms with media equipment. Even better, AV cabinets are sleek, handsome, and convenient for showing off all of your media equipment, or keeping it low-profile in a neat fashion, depending on how you choose to display your AV devices.