Aegis AV Cabinets_ Choosing the right AV Cabinets _imageToday’s market offers a wide variety of cabinets or racks for your audiovisual equipment, especially when you’re looking at high-end cabinets. These don’t just come as a one-size-fits-all setup; they can be custom-designed to meet your needs. That said, it can be overwhelming when you first see all the different options, so we have a few tips for when you decide to buy a new AV Cabinet.


Cabinets are measured in rack units, where 1U is one rack unit, and so on. As you install your equipment, it’s important to plan for a small gap between your equipment and the next rack up for easy equipment removal and repair. The two most common sizes are the standard 42U and what’s known as a half-height rack, which is usually between 18 and 24U. Choose your size as early as possible so you have enough room for your equipment and ventilation to allow for AV cooling.


You will also need to decide where in the room your AV cabinet will sit. Figure out where your cables will enter the room, ideally through a single point, and position your AV cabinet beneath it. If you have multiple cabinets, it’s usually easiest to arrange them in rows, but it might be a good idea to consult with experts on the best layout for your particular room. Then make sure all the cables you need are present and ready to connect to your equipment.


If you are concerned about your equipment security, one possible security measure is to keep your AV room locked. In addition to this precaution, you could also look for an AV cabinet that comes with lockable doors or panels.

Planning Ahead

It’s a good idea as you’re buying your AV Cabinet to keep in mind any possible future expansion. If you are considering adding other equipment to your setup, make sure there’s enough room available. It’s also critical to make sure there’s enough airflow back there, so make sure there’s as much as possible.