So, you’ve finally created the home theater system of your dreams. You have an amazing sound system, a great TV or projector, and all the optional components you could find. You wanted it to look professional, so you had custom AV cabinets installed to hold all your technology and make it look great, too. However, there may be one problem you didn’t consider when you created the perfect AV system: heat. Heat can kill electronics quickly and can turn your investment into a worthless pile of circuitry. Fortunately, there are many ways you can prevent this and keep your electronics running smoothly for many years.

Open Cabinets

While open cabinets allow you to see everything, they also allow superior airflow. The lack of doors and a back helps all your electronics breathe and stay cool.

Active Cooling

If you prefer AV cabinets with doors, then you may want to consider an active cooling system. This system incorporates fans into the cabinets to provide a continuous supply of fresh, cool air to your components. Aegis custom AV cabinets will come with cooling built in; however, if you so choose you can also create your own do-it-yourself cooling system as well if your cabinet didn’t come with one.

You have invested a lot of money into your home theater system. You want to make sure that it continues to run beautifully for many years to come. Understanding that heat is one of the biggest dangers to your system will help you plan your AV cabinets carefully to ensure that your electronics stay nice and cool even when you make them work. They will last longer and will also run much more quietly with a proper cooling system installed. If you’re still in the planning stages, be sure to talk with an AV cabinet professional to determine what cooling system will work best for your specific needs.