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Apollo is constructed using maple wood with a solid steel endoskeleton frame, and offers several different finishing options as well as additional features like keyless locking, RGBW ambient lighting, and BlueBolt power management.

Apollo is designed to be an elegant, striking addition to any home décor giving customers protection and longevity to their high-end equipment.

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Meet Apollo, the first Ultra Short Throw (UST) projector credenza from Aegis AV Cabinets. Apollo is universal and is designed to accommodate all projectors in production. It’s enclosed projector compartment is equipped with a standard two fan filtered cooling system and is designed to keep any fire breathing dragon at an optimal temperature level, while reducing the amount of dust allowed to enter the projector. Apollo is designed to preserve the longevity of all AV equipment through proper thermal and dust management while bringing style, beauty, and pure function to any home or office décor.

Available features for Apollo include a Tri-Zone digitally controlled filtered cooling system, network grade surge cancellation (BlueBolt), RGBW custom ambient lighting, keyless locking, and rack mounting system.

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Aegis AV Cabinets’ founder Michael Kelley, realizes most homes do not accommodate for AV design. This issue requires installers to force equipment into pantries, cabinets, and closets, none of which were designed to protect electronic equipment against overheating. Even aftermarket installed fan kits fall short of supporting regulated temperature control and reducing dust buildup to ensure the longevity of the equipment inside.

Ultra Short Throw Projector Compartment with fan cooling system (Standard):

Apollo is a equipped with a universal sized UST projector compartment designed to accommodate all projectors in production and comes standard with an adjustable floating shelf. Projectors are completely enclosed under an ultra low iron tempered and polished piece of glass. Each Apollo comes standard with a digitally controlled filtered cooling system to constantly maintain the temperature levels inside the UST compartment. (Fans are standard in the UST compartment only, outside compartments are naturally aspirated unless Tri-Zone cooling is selected)

Cooling: Naturally Aspirated Filtered Cooling (Standard)

Aegis core mission is to ensure the longevity of AV equipment through proper thermal and dust management. The killers of all electronics are heat and dust, so all Aegis cabinets are HEAVILY vented with each opening covered in a special material designed to allow proper natural air flow through convection, while drastically reducing the amount of dust allowed to enter the cabinet and the equipment inside.

Digitally Controlled Filtered Cooling System (Optional):

Apollo is designed to bring in filtered and conditioned cool air using ultra-quiet fans and ventilate it through the equipment while forcing hot air out. Each credenza is equipped with a “Tri-Zone” digital thermostat that allows customers to customize the operating temperature inside each individual compartment. Cool air is introduced, forcing hot air up through cross drilled ventilated shelves, and is drawn out through exhaust fans.

Network Grade Surge Cancellation (Optional):

Each cabinet has the option to add a Tripp Lite ISOBAR 12 Ultra which features network grade AC surge protection with EMI/RFI noise filtering, or 3 choices of Panamax BlueBolt WiFi enabled power management systems. Power management outlets are flush against the inside wall of the “Cable Farm” and allows ample room for bulky transformers and power cables, keeping them completely out of site.

RGBW Lighting with Remote Control (Optional):

Create a scene with illumination effects to go along with mood or complement a special occasion. Choose from 3 million colors and several lighting effects to produce ambient lighting throughout the cabinet compartments and properly display equipment inside. Lighting can also be turned on and off by opening and closing the glass door. Each cabinet has an override switch to keep lighting turned on while the cabinet door is closed. Lighting system is stand alone and has a touch sensitive remote control.

Keyless Locking (Optional):

Keyless stealth locking allows customers to access and secure equipment inside using the numbered key pad. The lock allows for delayed automatic locking as well as assigning and removing user access via supervisor code.

Removable Rear Access Panel (Standard):

Apollo allows customers and integrators easy access to the removable rear panels to help keep from damaging equipment during installation and maintenance.

Modern Flat Panel Doors (Standard)

Doors are sanded ultra flat, stained, and finished with a high gloss or satin/flat finish.

Tempered and Polished Glass (Optional):

The glass is tempered and polished and comes standard in Grey tint.


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