In the age of gigantic flat-screen televisions, convenient home theater systems, and audio experts in every store, many people are making significant investments in their home entertainment systems. While many systems come with warranty packages, and most people know to dust around their machines, one of the most important aspects of AV system maintenance involves air circulation and keeping your systems cool. So, making sure your gear is housed in the appropriate cabinetry, in a way that’s both effective and attractive, is essential. Here are a few options that are available.

Open Air Cabinets

Open cabinets, like backless consoles and raised platforms for each piece of equipment to ensure circulation, is perhaps the simplest option for an AV cabinet cooling system. However, given the volume of gear you may have, this can heat up your cabinet space uncomfortably, and for many people, this is your least aesthetically attractive option.

Appropriate Shelf Space

If you opt for enclosed cabinets or even built-in wall cabinets, make sure in advance that you have the option to adjust your shelf space. Perhaps nothing is more important to reduce heat built up in a space than making sure that each piece of equipment is approximately  spaced apart, and fixed space shelving can make this impossible, setting you up for serious maintenance problems in the future.

Electrical Cabinet Cooling

Forced air cabinets are the best way to ensure that air circulates around your equipment. These come in a variety of styles to match your room’s décor. Forced air units have small fans built in that pull air from the area of the cabinet where most equipment expels hot air. These fans are virtually silent, and are designed to be nearly invisible from anywhere you might sit to enjoy your equipment. Finally, because forced air cabinets are designed with impressive AV systems in mind, you can be sure that most cabinets will have adjustable shelving, often that is ventilated to help reduce heat build-up.