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Thank you for your interest in Aegis AV Cabinets! We have passionately engineered the finest, most advanced audio video cabinets available today. My expertise has always been electronics and engineering, But when I applied my perspective to the craft of AV cabinets, I saw a lot of opportunities to improve them greatly. Thanks to our improved approach to av cabinetry, we are able to do a better job of ensuring the longevity and performance of the equipment inside through superior thermal and dust management. Our cabinet designs truly enhance the living experience with your home entertainment system.

I built my company around this philosophy, and it has evolved into the refined solution we have today. Learning from scratch is a difficult but wonderful opportunity. It enables you to always question “Why do it that way?” and “Is that the best technique?” My passion became creating the best cabinetry possible from the unique perspective of an electronics technician. We know what AV gear needs to prosper.

I built Aegis because of my passion for audio video. I am not a cabinet builder, I am an AV enthusiast… just like you. When I was 8, my parents bought a high-end stereo and let me and my brother pick out a record. I chose Van Halen’s 1984 Album because I thought the picture was cool. I remember hearing that intro, and it faded down to silence besides the cracks and pops of the record…. Then the first keyboard note hit on the song “Jump”, it vibrated my chest cavity, and I was hooked… RIP Eddie Van Halen.

Audio video has the ability to create nostalgia, because it resonates to our core and connects us with our emotions and memories in a way nothing else can. Is our only means of time travel. AV can take you anywhere you want to go. Every time I see the opening scene of Top Gun, I am transported to the Home Theater store I walked into when I was 11, and saw it on laser disc for the first time…

When the time is right for you to get an Aegis AV Cabinets, we will be there to help you every step of the way. One thing you will find, is that every aspect of what we do is designed by someone who loves AV just as much as you do.

We promise we’ll find a way to put an Aegis cabinet in your home if you want one. Prometheus, Apollo, Artemis, and Andromeda are our leading models for the company’s launch with more coming in 2021.

Thanks to the feedback we’ve gotten from AV enthusiasts all over, we felt it was important to diversify our products across a broader market. This helps us make them affordable for any budget and bring the excitement of ultra-short throw projection to every living room that wants it.

Again, we are releasing several new concepts over the next year, and we would love to share them with you, get your opinions on what we are doing and hear your ideas on how you think we can do it better.

I encourage you to sign up below to become a part of the Aegis family. We’ll keep you updated on our new product releases throughout the year and give you exclusive special offers. We are revolutionizing home theater in the living room, and we want you to be a part of it!

Michael Kelley, Founder
Aegis AV Cabinets