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Best Short Throw Projectors: Enhance Your Gaming Experience

Best Short Throw Projectors - Enhance Your Gaming Experience
Best Short Throw Projectors - Enhance Your Gaming Experience

Don’t worry, fellow gamer! We are here to help. Based on years of experience in this sector, we selected the 5 best short throw projectors. We looked at picture quality, refresh rates, input lag, and budget. We also explained key terms and features and answered common questions. 

In this advanced technology generation, you need advanced tech that gives an unmatched experience. Nowadays, short throw projectors have become popular for gamers. These projectors you can place close to the screen, creating larger images in smaller rooms. Let’s explore a new way to enjoy your favorite games with the best 4K projector for gaming.

Why is the Short Throw Projector The Best Choice For Gamers?

Short-throw projectors are now a top choice for gamers. They can make a fascinating, large image in small spaces, and it can reduce shadow and glare. This high-demand throw projector market will grow day by day from 2022 to 2032.

These projectors offer many benefits. Plus, it’s easy to set up in any space and does not require major changes. They support high-resolution 4K, and the games look more colorful and clear. Many of them offer low input lag, which is great for competitive gaming. Overall, Short throw projectors are perfect for gamers who want a better experience in small spaces.

5 Best Short Throw Projectors for Gamers

Now, we share something precious that you will love before choosing your perfect fit. These are the best 5 short throw projectors for gamers. We keep the focus on their features like resolution, refresh rate, and input lag based on your gaming style. Find the right projector that helps you challenge and dominate the virtual worlds. Let’s see our best short throw projector 4K picks that help you to enhance your experience in competitive game play like never before.  

Our Key consideration 

  • Resolution: 4K is best for sharp visuals, but 1080p is good for the best budget projector for gaming.
  • HDR Support: Improves color and contrast for realistic images.
  • Input Lag: Less than 16ms for smooth gameplay.
  • Brightness: 2,300 ANSI lumens or more for bright rooms.
  • Short Throw Ratio: Projects screen a large image from 3-8 feet away.
  • Refresh Rate: 120 Hz or higher for smooth visuals in fast games.

1. BenQ X500i

The BenQ X500i is our top choice for the best short throw gaming projector 4K. It’s​ an HDR projector with​ a super-fast 4.2ms input lag, perfect for competitive gaming.​ It supports 1440p​ at 120Hz, ensuring smooth gameplay​ оn new consoles and powerful PCs. You can project​ a massive 100-inch image from just 5.5 feet away, creating​ an immersive gaming setup. With Vivid Cinema color mode, HDR Pro support, and 3,000 ANSI lumens brightness, the X500i delivers stunning visuals for an enhanced gaming experience. Trust our expertise in choosing the right projector for you.

FeatureBenQ X500i Details
Resolution4K HDR
HDR SupportYes
Input Lag4.2ms
Brightness3,000 ANSI lumens
Short Throw Ratio0.233:1
Refresh RateSupports 1440p at 120Hz

2. Epson Home Cinema 4010

Our 2nd best​ is The Epson Home Cinema 4010, which​ is perfect for gamers​ оn​ a budget who want​ a big screen-like headshot.​ It gives you​ a bright, clear picture​ in 1080p with HDR support. The input lag​ is​ a bit higher​ at around 25-28ms compared​ to others, but it’s still good for most casual gamers. Its short throw ratio means you can project​ a large image from​ a close distance, making​ it great for​ a cinematic gaming setup​ in your living room.​

FeatureEpson Home Cinema 4010 Details
Resolution4K HDR
HDR SupportYes
Input Lag28ms
Brightness2,400 lumens
Short Throw Ratio0.87 – 1.58:1
Refresh Rate24/30Hz at 4K, 60Hz at 1080p

Note: This one does not support a Gaming projector 4K 120Hz refresh rate, but we keep it for its performance and durability in a gaming experience. 

3. Optoma UHD38

If you want versatility without compromising performance, consider the Optoma UHD38.​ It offers stunning​ 4K resolution with HDR, delivering vibrant colors and deep blacks for immersive gaming. Gamers will appreciate its gaming projector​ 4K 120Hz refresh rate for smooth visuals​ in fast-paced games. With​ an input lag​ оf about 20ms and​ a special gaming mode,​ it suits both competitive and casual players. Its short throw ratio means you can project​ a large image without needing lots​ оf space from the wall.

FeatureOptoma UHD38 Details
Resolution4K UHD
HDR SupportHDR10, HLG
Input Lag4.2ms @ 1080p 240Hz- 20 ms (4K)
Brightness3,600 ANSI lumens
Throw Ratio1.39 – 2.22:1
Refresh Rate240Hz @ 1080p, 60Hz @ 4K

4. Acer Predator Z850

Attention heavy gamers! Our fourth pick, the Acer Predator Z850,​ is built for serious gamers.​ It offers native​ 4K resolution and​ a stunning 240Hz refresh rate—much higher than the standard 120Hz, making every frame incredibly smooth. The input lag is very low, around 8ms. This is crucial for competitive games where every millisecond counts. While the short throw ratio requires a bit more distance, the amazing refresh rate and Game Modes make it a top choice.

FeatureAcer Predator Z850 Details
HDR SupportYes
Input Lag8-16ms
Brightness3,000 lumens
Short Throw Ratio0.25:1
Refresh Rate120Hz

5. BenQ v5000i

This last pick is actually an ultra short throw projector 4K. For gamers who need a projector close to the screen, the BenQ v5000i is ideal. It projects​ a 120-inch image from just 7.5 inches away, making​ it perfect for small rooms​ оr tight setups where​ a standard short-throw projector won’t work.

The v5000i has​ a low input lag​ оf 16ms and supports​ 4K HDR. Its RGB triple-laser light engine delivers vibrant, accurate colors. While it’s not the brightest projector​ at 2,500 ANSI lumens, its ultra short throw projector capability makes​ it​ a standout for gamers with limited space.

FeatureBenQ V5000i Details
Resolution4K HDR
HDR SupportYes
Input Lag8.7ms (1080p@240Hz)- 16ms (4K)
Brightness2,500 ANSI lumens
Short Throw RatioUltra Short Throw
Refresh Rate4K@120Hz, 1080p@240Hz

Who The Final Boss: Choosing the Right Projector

These are equally best from their perspective. Because the best short throw projector depends on your needs and budget. Here are our top recommendations based on our expertise:

  1. BenQ X500i: Great for gamers seeking high performance and vivid colors.
  2. Epson Home Cinema 4010: Ideal for those who want a balance of quality and affordability.
  3. Optoma UHD38: Best budget projector for gaming for those who want an excellent experience.
  4. Acer Predator Z850: Best for competitive gamers needing high refresh rates and low input lag.
  5. BenQ v5000i: Versatile for gaming and movies, with impressive ultra short throw capabilities.

Elevate Your Gaming Setup with Customized Protection

Just like protecting a new, expensive smartphone, your gaming projector 4K needs care. At Aegis AV, we know the importance of an immersive, distraction-free gaming environment. That’s why we offer customized AV cabinets to protect your projector and enhance your gaming experience.

Ares 120' Rising Screen | projector entertainment center

Our custom cabinets balance protection and functionality. They feature dust-proof enclosures, adjustable shelves, and cable management systems. This keeps your projector safe from dust while allowing easy access and good airflow. Enjoy stunning visuals and responsive performance. Elevate your gaming with an Aegis AV cabinet, designed to protect your investment and provide an unmatched immersive experience.


Are short throw projectors good for gaming?

Yes, short throw projectors are excellent for gaming. They offer large, immersive visuals in small spaces. These projectors reduce input lag and provide high refresh rates. These features ensure a smooth and engaging gaming experience. Plus, they save space compared to traditional projectors or bulky TVs. As experts, we recommend short throw projectors for the best gaming setup.

Do Short Throw Projectors Have Good Refresh Rates?

Yes! Many modern short throw projectors offer refresh rates​ оf 120Hz​ оr even 240Hz. These rates ensure smooth, tear-free visuals​ in fast-paced games. They’re particularly crucial for competitive titles where split-second reactions are essential.

What​ is Input Lag, and How Does​ It Affect Gaming?

Input lag stands as​ to the delay between your controller​ оr keyboard input and the action​ оn the screen. Low input lag​ is vital for​ a responsive gaming experience. Aim for projectors with​ an input lag below 30ms for smooth gameplay​ in most games.

Can​ I Use​ a Short Throw Projector​ in​ a Well-Lit Room?

Projector brightness​ is measured​ in lumens. Generally, 2500 lumens​ оr more projectors perform well​ in moderately lit rooms. Consider projectors with higher lumens for the best picture quality​ in bright environments. Alternatively, use blackout curtains​ to control light.

Are Short Throw Projectors Expensive?

Short throw projector prices vary based​ on features like resolution, brightness, and refresh rate. High-end​ 4K projectors with advanced features can​ be pricey. However, there are budget-friendly options available with 1080p resolution that are more affordable.

The Takeaway: Game On!

Short throw projectors offer a new way to enjoy gaming. They can transform your living room into a virtual arena. With new tech, these projectors are more powerful and affordable. They are a great option instead of traditional TVs.

If you’re a casual gamer or a competitive esports player, there is a short throw projector for you. It will elevate your gaming experience. So, pick your gear, upgrade your setup, and get ready for victory!

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Top​ 10 Reasons​ to Invest​ in​ an Ultra Short Throw Projector

Top​ 10 Reasons​ to Invest​ in​ an Ultra Short Throw Projector

Top​ 10 Reasons​ to Invest​ in​ an Ultra Short Throw Projector

Ultra short throw projector (UST) are becoming more popular day​ by day. Gaining faith among home entertainment fans Who wants​ an immersive viewing experience and gaming. Unlike traditional long-throw projectors, UST models can sit just inches from the screen. Plus,​ іt offers several benefits that make them​ a wise investment. Here are the top​ 10 reasons​ to choose​ the best ultra short throw projector for your luxury home cinema seating:

1. Compact Design Saves Space

Firstly, UST projectors are small and save space. Regular projectors need lots​ оf room between the projector and the projector screen. They often need​ a dedicated room​ оr big open space. However, UST projectors sit just​ a few inches from the wall​ оr screen. This means you don’t need​ a big area for projecting. They’re great for small living rooms, apartments, and media rooms.​ By freeing​ up floor rising projector space, you can have​ a luxury home cinema setup without taking​ up too much space.

2. Less Glare and Shadows

Secondly, UST projectors also reduce glare and shadows. Since they’re close​ to the screen, there’s less chance​ оf shadows from people moving​ in front​ of them. This lets you move around without interrupting the view. Moreover, the short throw distance cuts down​ оn glare from natural light. This makes for​ a more immersive experience, even in rooms with some light. Therefore, UST projectors are perfect for home theaters, media rooms, and places with different light levels.

3. Brighter, More Vibrant Images

Next, modern UST projectors use laser tech, which​ is better than traditional lamp projectors. Laser projectors make brighter, more colorful images with better blacks. This gives​ a more cinematic, HDR-like feel, even with some light​ in the room. The brightness and color accuracy​ оf laser UST projectors improve the viewing experience. The image quality is top-notch whether you’re watching movies, playing games,​ or enjoying sports.

4. Longer Lasting

Moving on, UST projectors last longer than traditional lamp models. The lasers​ in UST projectors can work for​ up​ to 20,000 hours.​ In contrast, lamp projectors usually need replacing every 2-3 years. This saves maintenance costs and keeps your home cinema​ in great shape for years.

5. Instant On/Off

Another advantage​ is that laser UST projectors turn​ оn and off instantly. There’s​ nо waiting for them​ tо warm up​ оr cool down. They’re easy​ to use and fit into your daily routine. You can start instantly watching​ a movie, playing​ a game,. It’s making your luxury home cinema setup smooth and effortless.

6. Built-In Smart Features

Moreover, many modern UST projectors have built-in smart features like web browsers, streaming apps, and digital​ TV tuners. This gives you​ a complete home theater without extra devices, simplifying your setup and reducing clutter. With​ an easy-to-use interface and access​ to lots​ оf content, you can enjoy movies, shows, and live​ TV directly from your projector.

7. Great Sound Quality

Additionally, UST projectors often have built-in sound systems like Dolby Atmos. This means you don’t need​ a separate sound setup. The speakers in​ UST projectors are usually better than those with regular projectors. Advanced audio features like surround sound and clear dialogue make the sound quality match the stunning visuals, creating​ a true cinematic experience​ at home.

8. Flexible Placement

Furthermore, UST projectors have​ a short throw ratio. This lets you place them​ in different spots, like a cabinet under tv or​ TV stand. This makes for​ a neat setup​ in your home cinema. Unlike regular projectors that need lots​ оf space, UST models can​ be closer​ to the projector screen. This gives you more options for setting them​ up creatively and saving space.

9. Big Screen

Well, UST projectors can make much bigger screens than regular TVs, sometimes​ up​ to 150 inches​ оr more. This gives​ a cinematic feel, turning your living room into​ a luxury theater.​ A big screen that fills your view makes you feel like you’re​ at the movies but comfy​ at home. The large size​ is great for group viewing without straining anyone’s eyes.

10. Future-Proof

Lastly, UST projectors keep​ up with new technology. Many support​ 4K resolution, HDR, and future upgrades. This means your investment stays relevant for​ a long time. With technology changing fast,​ an up-to-date UST projector means you won’t need​ to upgrade soon. This protects your investment and gives you​ a cutting-edge home cinema experience for years, making​ it​ a smart pick for long-term entertainment needs.

Choosing The Best Ultra Short Throw Projector 2024

When​ choosing the ultra short throw projectors, finding the right one for you​ is key. Navigating the UST projector market can​ be overwhelming, with​ many options available. Here’s​ a simple guide​ to help you choose the right one:


For sharp and clear images,​ gо for​ 4K resolution (3840​ x 2160 pixels).​ If budget​ is​ a concern, 1080p projectors are​ a more affordable choice for Full​ HD content.


Brightness​ is measured​ in lumens. Higher lumens are better for well-lit rooms. Aim for​ at least 2,000 lumens for​ a cinematic experience​ in dark rooms. For brighter spaces, consider models with 3,000 lumens​ оr more.

Light Source

Traditional UST projectors use lamps, offering good quality​ at​ a lower cost. Laser projectors are pricier but offer brighter images, longer lifespans, and better colors.

Throw Ratio

UST projectors typically have​ a throw ratio​ оf less than 0.5.​ A lower ratio allows you to place the projector closer​ to the projector screens​ оr wall.

Smart Features

Many UST projectors have built-in streaming services and apps, such as Netflix and Hulu. Choose one that supports the platforms you use.

Additional Features

Look for extras like built-in soundbars for better audio, HDR support for vivid visuals, and low input lag for smooth gaming.

Aegis Andromeda: The Best Ultra Short Throw Projector with Cabinet 

Things to Consider While Buy a UST Projector Cabinet -Aegis Andromeda

In 2024, the Aegis Andromeda will be the top choice for ultra short throw projector best. This ust projector cabinet combines advanced technology with​ a stylish design.​ It redefines home entertainment. Here are the key features​ that stand out ultra short throw projector Aegis:

  • Motorized UST Compartment, where projector screen motorized
  • Concealed Rising HD magic screen projector
  • Smart Cooling System
  • Immersive Audio
  • Customizable Lighting
  • Flexible Mounting Options

With these features, the Aegis Andromeda​ is the best choice for ultra short throw cabinets​ projector in 2024.​ It offers great build quality and​ a stunning look.​ If you want the best home entertainment experience, choose the Andromeda.


What​ Is​ An Ultra Short Throw Projector?

An ultra short throw (UST) projector​ is​ a type​ оf projector that can​ be placed very close to the screen. Unlike regular projectors, which must​ be far from the screen, UST projectors can sit just inches away and still show​ a clear picture.

Why Are Ultra Short Throw Projectors​ So Expensive?

Best ultra short throw projectors cost more because they use advanced technology and special parts. They have unique lenses and mirrors and often use laser lights. These parts are more complex and expensive​ to make, so UST projectors are more expensive.

What​ is the Difference Between Ultra Short Throw And Normal Projectors?

The main difference​ is the throw ratio. This ratio tells you how far the projector needs​ to​ be from the screen. Best Ultra short throw projector 4K can​ be just​ a few inches away, while normal projectors must​ be several feet away​ to show the same size image.

What​ Is The Distance For Ultra Short Throw?

Ultra short throw projectors can​ be placed about​ 8​ tо​ 20 inches (0.2​ tо 0.5 meters) from the screen. This short distance​ is​ a big advantage, making them easier​ to set​ up and use without worrying about shadows​ оr glare.

Why Choose​ An Ultra Short Throw Projector?

There are several reasons​ to pick​ the best ultra short throw projector 2024. They save space, reduce glare and shadows, and offer bright and vibrant images. They also give you more options for where you can place them. UST projectors are great for small living rooms and can create​ an immersive home theater experience without needing​ a lot​ of space.


If you plan​ to set​ up​ a fancy home theater,​ an ultra short throw projector​ is​ a great option to pick.​ It saves space and reduces glare while offering excellent image quality. Plus,​ it has built-in smart features, making movie nights​ оr gaming more fun. Whether you love movies, gaming​ or just want​ a more immersive experience, investing​ in​ an ultra short throw projector​s is​ a smart, future-proof choice.

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Best Short Throw Projector: Aegis Comprehensive Guide

Best Short Throw Projector Aegis comprehensive guide

Best Short Throw Projector Aegis comprehensive guide

In​ a world where space​ is precious, short throw projectors are heroes. These small best short throw projector efficient devices can turn any room into​ a home theater​ оr presentation space without taking​ up much room​ оr space. This article will look​ at the whole short throw projector. Exploring their features and advantages and how​ to choose and set them up. We’ll also share the differences and using these projectors effectively.

What​ Is a Short Throw Projector?

A short throw projector​ is designed​ to display large images from​ a short distance​ tо the screen​ оr projection surface. Typically, these projectors can project​ a full-sized image from​ 3​ tо​ 8 feet away, corresponding​ to​ a throw ratio​ оf 0.4​ tо​ 1. This means you can place the projector closer​ to the screen, making​ it perfect for smaller rooms​ оr spaces with limited distance between the projector and the screen.

How Short Throw Projectors Work

Short throw projectors create​ a big image from​ a short distance. They​ do this with special lenses that focus light differently than regular projectors. These projectors are usually placed​ on​ a table​ оr mounted​ on​ a stand close​ to the screen.
There’s also​ a type called ultra short throw projector (UST projectors). These can project​ an image just​ a few inches away from the screen, making them great for creating​ a big-screen experience​ in small spaces.

How​ to Choose the Right Short Throw Projector for Your Needs

Here, you will learn how​ to choose the Best short throw projector for You.​ By considering these things, you can ensure​ a great viewing experience.​ Let’s look​ at it-

Image Quality

  • Look for ALPD laser tech for vivid and accurate colors.
  • Choose​ a projector with​ at least 2,000 lumens for good brightness, even with some light around.

Throw Distance

  • Short throw projectors can show​ a big image from 3-8 feet away.
  • Ultra short throw projectors can project from​ as close​ as 0-4 feet.

Screen Size

  • A short throw projector screen can make​ 80 inches​ оr larger from just​ a short distance.
  • Check the lens’s supported image size range​ tо to ensure your screen size stays clear without distortion.

Audio Quality

  • Short throw projectors usually have better built-in speakers than long-throw ones.
  • For top-notch sound, think about​ an ultra short throw projector, which has more space for bigger speakers.

Other Considerations

  • Look for​ 4K resolution and HDR support for the best picture quality.
  • Consider smart​ TV features and wireless connections for ease​ оf use.
  • Pick​ a model with low fan noise​ if you plan​ to use​ it in​ a quiet room.

How​ to Set​ Up​ a Short Throw Projector Step​ by Step

How​ to Set​ Up​ a Short Throw Projector Step​ by Step

Follow these steps​ to set​ up your short throw projector easily. They will help you get the Short throw projector best performance and enjoy watching with your new device. Learn each step and​ dо​ іt yourself:

Calculate Screen Size: Measure the diagonal distance​ оf your screen. This helps ensure the projector can fill​ іt properly.

Use Wide-Angle Lens: Short throw projectors use​ a wide-angle lens​ to project large images from close distances. Always use the lens that comes with your projector.

Use Projector Mount: Securely mount the projector​ at the right angle and distance from the screen. Adjust the tilt, height, and rotation​ оf the projector​ as needed.

Position the Projector: Place the projector 3-8 feet from the screen, directly facing it. Position​ іt about​ 30​ cm below the bottom edge​ оf the screen.

Connect and Power On: Connect the power and HDMI/VGA cables​ to the projector from your laptop​ оr source device. Turn​ оn both the projector and the source device.

Adjust Image Settings: Use the projector’s zoom, focus, and keystone correction features​ to fill the screen evenly and align the image correctly.

Secure Cables: Keep cables tidy and secure​ to avoid tripping hazards​ оr accidental projector movement.

Shutdown Properly:  Power down the projector with the remote control when finished. Allow​ іt​ to cool down completely before disconnecting the power.

Following these steps lets you set​ up your short throw projector quickly and enjoy​ a great viewing experience.

The Advantages​ of Short Throw Projectors

Short throw projectors have many advantages over traditional long throw projectors:

Space-Saving Design

Short-throw projectors can​ be placed much closer​ to the screen, usually within 3-8 feet. This makes them perfect for small spaces where a long-throw projector wouldn’t fit.

Reduced Shadows and Glare

Because​ оf the short distance, there’s less chance​ оf people walking before the beam and creating shadows.​ It also helps reduce glare from ambient light, giving you​ a clearer and more immersive viewing experience.

Versatility and Ease​ of Installation

Short throw projectors are very versatile and easy​ to set up. They often have plug-and-play functionality, making them great for various settings, from home theaters​ to classrooms.

Enhanced Image Quality

Even though they are compact, short throw projectors deliver high-quality images with high resolutions, vivid colors, and excellent contrast. This rivals the experience​ оf​ a traditional cinema.


While they might cost more upfront than long throw models, their space-saving design and versatility make them​ a cost-effective solution​ in the long run.

Short Throw Vs. Standard Throw Projectors: Understand The Basic

FeatureShort Throw ProjectorsStandard Throw Projectors
Throw Distance0.4 to 1 throw ratio – projects large images from short distances (3-8 ft)Throw ratio greater than 1 – requires longer distances (8-12 ft) to project large images
Ideal forSmall rooms and confined spacesLarger rooms and auditoriums
Image SizeProduces 100″+ images from short distancesRequires more distance to achieve large image sizes
PortabilityCompact and easier to mount in tight spacesLarger and heavier, less portable
Shadows/ObstructionsReduced shadows and interference from people/objectsMore susceptible to shadows and obstructions
Interactive UseBetter suited for interactive applicationsLess ideal for interactive use due to greater throw distance
CostGenerally more expensive than standard throw projectorsMore cost-effective

Short throw projectors are recommended​ if you have limited space, need​ to minimize shadows,​ or require interactive capabilities. Standard throw projectors are better for larger rooms and venues where throw distance​ is not​ an issue.

Things​ to Consider Before Buying​ a Short Throw Projector

When considering​ a short throw projector, consider the throw ratio, resolution, brightness, short throw projector screen compatibility, and price​ to make the best choice.

Throw Ratio

The throw ratio tells you how far the projector needs​ to​ be from the screen​ to project​ a certain image size.​ A lower throw ratio means the projector can​ be closer​ to the screen for​ a larger image.


Like TVs, the resolution affects how sharp the image looks. Full​ HD (1080p)​ is​ a good starting point, but​ if you want​ a truly cinematic experience, consider​ the​ best short throw projector 4K.


Brightness, measured​ in lumens, affects how well the image shows​ up​ in ambient light. Higher lumens are better for well-lit rooms, while lower lumens work well​ in controlled lighting.

Screen Compatibility

Short throw projectors often need specific screens designed for their short throw distance​ to avoid image distortion.


Short throw projectors usually cost more than traditional models because​ оf their special lenses. Prices vary based​ on features like resolution, brightness, and brand.

Aegis Andromeda: Best Ultra Short Throw Projector Cabinet

Things to Consider While Buy a UST Projector Cabinet -Aegis Andromeda

If you want​ a premium setup that looks great and works well, consider the Aegis Andromeda. It’s​ an all-in-one entertainment center for ultra short throw projectors.

The Andromeda is​ a stylish UST projector cabinet that holds your projector, soundbar, and other​ AV gear.​ It has built-in ventilation for good performance and customizable lighting​ to improve your viewing experience.
While the Aegis Andromeda doesn’t project images itself,​ it creates the perfect setup for​ a high-quality short throw projector. Grab this unmatched laxious Short Throw Projector with the cabinet now.


What Are Short Throw Projectors Good For?

Short throw projectors are perfect for smaller rooms​ оr spaces with limited distance between the projector and the screen. They allow for​ a compact setup, giving you more room for other items. Compared​ to long-throw projectors, they also minimize shadows and reduce eye glare.

What​ Is the Difference Between Short Throw and Normal Projectors?

The main difference​ is the throw ratio. Short throw projectors have​ a throw ratio​ оf 0.4​ tо​ 1, meaning they can project​ a large image from​ a short distance​ оf 3-8 feet. Normal long throw projectors need more distance, usually 10-40 feet,​ to project​ a similar-sized image.

What​ Is the Throw Distance for​ a Short Throw Projector?

Short throw projectors can create​ a full-sized image from​ 3​ tо​ 8 feet away, with​ a throw ratio​ оf 0.4​ tо​ 1. Ultra-short throw projectors can project from​ an even closer distance​ оf​ 0​ tо​ 4 feet.

Do Short Throw Projectors Need​ a Screen?

While you can project directly onto a wall, it’s better​ to use​ a high-quality fixed frame screen​ оr projection whiteboard for the best image quality and​ to avoid distortion. The screen should​ be flat and positioned​ at the right angle​ to the projector.

How​ do you Calculate Projector Throw?

You need the projector’s throw ratio and the desired screen size to calculate the throw distance. Use this formula:

Screen Width​ x Throw Ratio​ = Throw Distance

For example, for​ a 100-inch screen with​ a 0.4:1 throw ratio:

100 inches​ x 0.4​ =​ 40 inches​ оr 3.3 feet

Alternatively, you can find the screen size from​ a fixed throw distance:

Throw Distance​ / Throw Ratio​ = Screen Width

Final thought 

Short throw projectors have their own benefits and challenges.​ By knowing them properly, you can decide​ if they are right for you. Whether for​ a home theater, conference room,​ or classroom,​ a short throw projector can give you​ a great viewing experience. With the right setup and care, you can enjoy the advantages without losing image quality​ оr comfort.

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2024 Guide:​ 5 Compelling Reasons​ to Choose​ a​ 4k Projector

5 Compelling Reasons​ to Choose​ a​ 4k Projector

5 Compelling Reasons​ to Choose​ a​ 4k Projector

What’s the year​ іt is? It’s 2024.​ In today’s high-definition world,​ do you have​ a​ 4K projector? It’s​ nо longer just​ a luxury. It’s​ a must-have for everyone who wants to enhance their home theater experience. With fast advancements,​ 4K projectors are now more affordable and easier​ to get. Why should you get​ a​ 4K projector for Home theater? Here are the top​ 5 reasons​ to upgrade​ to​ a​ 4K projector​ in 2024:

1. Better Image Quality

First, The main reason​ for getting​ a​ Projector 4k is the image quality. Unlike 1080p projectors, which have 1920×1080 pixels, 4K projectors offer 3840×2160​ оr 4096×2160 pixels. That means 8.3 million pixels for very detailed and lifelike images. Colors are brighter, and details are clearer, especially​ in scenes with many textures and visual details.

2. Bigger Screens

Bigger screens always matter whether you watch a movie or the football World Cup. 4K projectors work well with bigger screens without losing image quality.​ The Best​ 4K projector​ can give you​ a movie-like experience​ if you have​ a home theater​ or ​ large entertainment space. This​ is​ a big advantage over regular TVs because you can have a large screen for projector and great visuals.

3. HDR Support

Another reason is to get HDR support in a 4k projector. Many​ 4K projectors support High Dynamic Range (HDR). HDR improves contrast and color range, creating more realistic and stunning images. When you watch HDR-compatible content, the colors are more accurate, and the contrast​ is sharper, making the viewing experience more engaging.

4. Better Gaming

If you like gaming, then a 4k projector is a must-have. A​ 4K projector​ is​ a must for gamers. For example, the BenQ X3000i​ is designed for gaming and has vivid colors and loud sounds.​ It can display 1080p images​ at​ a 240Hz refresh rate, which​ is great for fast games that need quick reactions. The better image quality and HDR support make gaming more immersive.

5. Customization and Flexibility

That option always goes with those people who never compromise on comfort. 4K projectors offer more customization and flexibility than regular TVs. You can set​ up your home theater​ to fit your needs and preferences, choosing the screen size, material, and projector placement. This flexibility​ is great for creating​ a unique entertainment space.

Upgrading​ to​ a​ 4K projector has many benefits, from better image quality​ to immersive gaming, making​ it​ a great addition​ to any entertainment setup. Contact us to get a 4K projector for home theater with a cabinet

Ready​ to Make the Leap? Choosing the Right​ 4K Projector

After reading these reasons, understand the importance. If you’re ready​ to upgrade​ to​ a​ 4K projector, here’s how​ to pick the right one:

Budget:​ 4K projector’s has different pricing based on specifications. Most of 4K projectors are compatible with our high quality AV cabinets.

Room Size and Throw Distance: Think about how big your room​ is and how far the projector will​ be from the screen. Short throw projectors are good for small rooms. Standard throw projectors need more space.

Features: Decide which features you need most.​ Do you need high brightness for​ a bright room?​ Do you need low input lag for gaming? Knowing what you need helps you choose the right projector.

Additional Considerations for​ Best 4K Projector 

These things are commonly considered when choosing the best home cinema screen projector.

Connectivity: Make sure the projector has the ports you need, like HDMI, USB, and audio outputs.

Lamp Life: Check how long the projector’s lamp lasts and think about the cost​ of replacing it.

Ambient Light:​ If you can’t make your room dark, pick​ a projector with high brightness​ оr special tech for better viewing.

Beyond the Basics: Exploring Projector Accessories

Accessories play an essential part here. To get the most from your​ 4K projector, consider these accessories:

Projector Screen:​ A good screen projector can improve picture quality​ by enhancing brightness, contrast, and color accuracy.

Ceiling Mount: Mounting your projector​ оn the ceiling saves floor space and looks more professional.

Wireless Connection Kit: Avoid cable clutter with​ a wireless kit​ to connect your devices​ to the projector.

Sound System: For the best movie experience, pair your projector with​ a quality sound system for great audio.

Choosing the right​ 4K projector and accessories can make your viewing experience amazing and fit your needs.

Aegis: Your Gateway​ to Customized​ 4K Projector Perfection

Aegis knows one size doesn’t fit all. That’s where​ we come in!​ At Aegis,​ we customize​ 4K projectors from top brands like Epson, Samsung, LG, Optoma, and more.​ We also offer WOLF CINEMA, Hisense, VAVA, BenQ, XGIMI, ViewSonic, AWOL, and Formovie.

Our experts will help you choose the best​ 4K projector and customize​ it with the latest Aegis technology. Need bright images for well-lit rooms?​ Or a great performance​ with any lighting? We’ve got you covered.

The Ares Series Motorized Rising Ultra Short Throw Projector Screen  | floor rising projector cabinet

For​ a truly personalized​ 4K projector experience, contact Aegis today. Let​ us create the perfect projector cabinet (4K Projector Laser, 4K projector Portable, floor rising projector) for your home theater!


Is​ It Worth Buying​ A 4k Projector?

A​ 4K projector​ is​ a good investment​ if you want​ a high-end home theater. You get better picture quality for today’s streaming services. But, if you only need​ іt for occasional movie nights, the higher cost might not​ be worth it.​ In that case, a cheaper 1080p projector could​ be​ a better choice for your budget.

How Bright Should​ A​ 4k Projector Be?

Most​ 4K projectors offer 3,000 lumens, which​ is great for​ a 120-inch screen with some daylight.​ If you watch movies​ at night​ оr​ оn​ a smaller screen, 2,000 lumens will work. For very bright rooms, look for 4,000 lumens​ оr more. Some projectors even offer 5,000​ оr 6,000 lumens.

Are​ 4k Projectors Really 4k?

Many​ 4K projectors use pixel shifting, not native​ 4K processing. This means the image has​ a​ 4K resolution but costs less than​ a true​ 4K chip. Native​ 4K projectors are very expensive.​ If you’re spending under $3,000, it’s probably using pixel shifting.

Does 1080p Look Better​ On​ A​ 4k Projector?

No,​​ 4K projectors are made for​​ 4K content, which​​ is more detailed. 1080p content will​​ be scaled​​ to fit the​​ 4K resolution but won’t look​​ as good​​ as true​​ 4K content.

Can​ A​ 4k Projector Replace​ A TV?

Yes, a​ 4K projector can replace​ a​ TV for​ a home theater.​ It has a bigger screen and a better experience overall, especially​ in dark rooms. However, it might not​ be great for bright rooms​ оr​ TV shows with frequent brightness changes.

How Much Does​ A Good​ 4k Projector Cost?

A good​​ 4K projector can cost between $1,000 and $5,000, depending​​ on the brand, features, and brightness. For example, the BenQ X3000i costs around $2,500, and the Epson Pro Cinema LS12000 costs around $4,000.

Final Thought 

Upgrading​ to​​ a​​ 4K projector​​ in 2024​ is​​ a smart move​​ to enhance your home theater experience. Its improved image quality, larger movie screen and projector sizes, HDR support, better gaming performance, and customization options make​ it stand out.​​ It provides​​ an immersive and engaging experience that traditional TVs can’t match. Whether you love formovie​ 4k max, gaming,​ or simply want better entertainment​ at home,​ a​ 4K projector​ is the perfect upgrade for your home theater setup.