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Choosing Perfect Short Throw Projector Cabinet | Aegis Ultimate Guide

Choosing Perfect Short Throw Projector Cabinet | Aegis Ultimate Guide
Choosing Perfect Short Throw Projector Cabinet | Aegis Ultimate Guide

Are you looking​ to create the ultimate home theater experience with​ an Ultra Short Throw Projector Cabinet? There are​ a few important things​ to consider when choosing the right cabinet for your projector.​ A well-made UST projector cabinet can improve your setup, giving it a sleek and integrated look. Plus, ensuring your state of the art AV equipment works well and stays safe. In this guide, we’ll cover the key factors to consider when choosing the best UST projector cabinet for your home theater.

Understanding Short Throw Projector Cabinet

Ultra-short throw projectors have become increasingly popular​ іn recent years. Due​ tо their versatility and space-saving design. Unlike traditional projectors that require​ a significant distance from the screen. But UST projectors can​ be placed just inches away, making them perfect for smaller rooms and living spaces.​ 

A UST projector cabinet​ is specifically designed​ to accommodate these projectors, providing​ a dedicated space that​ is optimized for their unique requirements. This projector cabinet often features built-in screens, motorized projector cabinet compartments, and advanced cooling systems​ to make sure optimal performance and​ a seamless viewing experience.

Why Do You Need a UST Projector Cabinet?

Beyond the convenience of a home theater projector cabinet, UST projector cabinets offer a multiple of benefits:

Improved AestheticsA dedicated cabinet streamlines your home theater setup, concealing wires and creating a clean, professional look.
ProtectionProjectors are delicate instruments. A UST projector cabinet safeguards your investment from dust, spills, and accidental bumps.
Enhanced CoolingProjectors generate heat; proper ventilation is crucial for optimal performance and lifespan. UST projector cabinets often incorporate ventilation systems to ensure your projector stays cool.
OrganizationMost hidden UST projector cabinet offer additional storage space for your AV components, keeping your home theater clutter-free.
Integrated FeaturesMany UST projector cabinets boast additional features. Such as built-in screens, speaker compartments, and cable management systems, further elevating your home theater experience.

These ultra short throw projector cabinets provide a sleek housing solution for your projector. Its practical features and design can enhance your overall viewing experience.

Key Considerations When Choosing a Short Throw Projector Cabinet

Compatibility: Aegis AV Cabinets UST compartment is universal for all of the UST projectors in production. It is important that we know which projector you intend to use so that the cooling pattern can be set up correctly so that it bottle feeds filtered cool air into the intake, and sucks out the exhaust from the other side. 

Throw Ratio: Not all projectors are made the same. Some have longer throw ratios, some have shorter. Manufacturers like LG, Samsung, and Epson have a shorter throw ratio, and in most cases do not need a motorized UST compartment, but some do. It is important to look at the throw ratio so that you can determine which cabinet design will work best for your application. 

Screen Size and type: Consider the size​ оf the screen you want​ to achieve and choose​ a cabinet that can accommodate it. If you have a challenged ceiling, or you are putting our cabinet in front of glass. That will determine weather you will need to go with a rising screen cabinet, or a wall mounted screen. Keep​ іn mind your projector’s throw ratio and the distance required for your desired screen size. 

Cooling: Look for​ a cabinet with advanced cooling features, such as our UST filtered cooling systems.​ These features ensure your projector operates​ at optimal temperatures and extend its lifespan.

Aesthetics: Choose​​ a cabinet that complements the overall design​​ оf your home theater. Look for options with sleek and modern designs that blend seamlessly with your decor.

Additional Features: Consider optional features that can enhance your viewing experience. Such​ as built-in speakers, ambient lighting, and smart home integration.

Budget: Determine your budget and look for​ a cabinet that offers the best value for your money. Keep​ іn mind that higher-end cabinets may offer more advanced features and better build quality.

Choosing the Right Short Throw Projector Cabinet

When you’re picking out​ a cabinet for your UST projector, there are​ a few important things​ to keep​ іn mind:

Fit for Your Projector: Make sure the cabinet​ is the right size for your projector and has enough space​ to fit comfortably. While Aegis is universal for all projectors, Some cabinets are only made for a specific projectors dimensions only. 

Screen Setup: Some cabinets have built-in screens, which can​ be handy.​ If you’re using​ a separate screen, ensure enough room for it. WHile Aegis has options for every screen manufacturer, most cabinets do not. 

Storage Space: Consider how much other equipment you’ll need​ to store, like DVD players, receivers,​ оr game consoles. Choose​ a cabinet with enough room to fit all of your gear. While Aegis is universal and can house larger equipment like McIntosh, some cabinets depth is based on the projector width, so the AV compartments to the left and right are useless. 

Cooling: Look for​ a cabinet with good ventilation​ to keep your projector from overheating, especially​ if you’ll use​ it for​ a long time. The killers of electronics are heat and dust. While proper ventilation is a must, sometimes you will need to take it a little further and add a cooling system when using a lot of high heat producing items. When moving air faster than convection allows, you also move a lot of dust, so it is important to filter your air. 

Cable Control:​ A cabinet with built-in cable management will help keep things tidy and prevent tripping hazards. Proper cable management helps ensure proper operation of equipment and presents well. Make sure the cabinet you choose has attachments for pig tails, and a clear path that separates your data transmission cables and power cables. 

Looks Matter: Lastly, consider the cabinet’s style and how​ it will complement the rest​ of your home theater setup. Choose something that looks good and fits your space. While Aegis offers several styles, colors, and glass for each cabinet design, most do not and are just a box. It is important to not compromise on style since it will be the center focus point of the room. 

While considering these factors, you can find the perfect laser projector cabinet for your UST projector setup.

Extra Features to Think About

While the basic stuff is important, some ultra short throw projector cabinets have cool extra stuff that can make your home theater even better:

Moving Projector Shelf: A UST projector compartment that moves independently makes adjusting the ultra short throw projector cabinet with screen and hiding the projector easily.

Speaker Hiding Doors: Doors that hide your speakers but still let sound through keep things looking neat and sounding great.

Subwoofer Placement: While most subwoofers are designed to be out in an open space, Aegis defies how subwoofers are supposed to work and conceals them inside the cabinet. Special technologies incorporated into the design allows a maximum performance while being concealed inside the cabinet. 

Lights: Built-in lights can make your home theater feel really cool and cozy but also adds a lot of ambiance to the home theater experience. Turn the wall blue behind the screen and watch Avatar, then turn it off and see the difference it can make. 

Customizing Your UST Projector Cabinet

If you can’t find​ a cabinet that’s just right for you, consider making one.​ It might cost more than buying one from the store. But​ a custom cabinet means you can make​ it exactly how you want it. We are Aegis, here to help you if you have any questions along that journey. 

When you’re talking to the person making your cabinet, tell them everything you need. Let them know how big your projector is, what size screen you want, and any other things you want, like places for speakers or extra shelves. There are a lot of things to consider, and if you don’t map it all out ahead of time, it could be costly.

The Aegis AV Cabinet Andromeda UST Projector Cabinet

If you want a perfect ultra short throw projector cabinet that’s turn key and ready to go, consider getting the Aegis AV Cabinet Andromeda. This state of the art cabinet has lots of great features, like a moving UST compartment for your projector, Turntable shelves, LP organizer, Sonos Arc integration, and a big screen that comes up when needed.

The Andromeda also has extra stuff you can add if you want. You may like perfect built-in speakers, smart automated cooling, and cool lights in the back. It’s got everything you need for a great home theater setup.

Here’s a Simplifying Thing: Why The Aegis Andromeda Is a Top Choice

  • Versatile: Fits different screens, projectors, and setups.
  • Quality: Made with strong quality materials, built to last.
  • Functional: It has a moving UST compartment, ventilated shelves, and superior cooling and dust control.
  • Looks Good: Comes in several styles and finishes to match your home theater.


Why Is Cooling Important In a Ust Projector Cabinet?

Cooling keeps your projector from getting too hot and helps it last longer. Look for cabinets with good cooling systems to ensure its longevity.

What Are Some Key Features To Look For In a UST Projector Cabinet?

Motorized UST compartment depending on screen size and projector throw ratio, filtered cooling systems.

Can I Customize a UST Projector Cabinet To Fit My Needs?

Yes, you can have a cabinet made just for you to fit your space and what you want.

How Do I Make Sure The Cabinet Works With My Ust Projector?

Aegis cabinets are universal for all of the UST projectors on the market. There is a Design Studio at Aegis AV Cabinets website where you can pick the projector you intend to use, and it will only show you the cabinets that will work with that specific projector. 

What Are Some Popular Screen Options For Ust Projectors?

The screen needs to be specifically designed for UST projection and be ambient light rejecting (ALR). You can go with a fixed wall screen, a rising screen, or a drop down screen. Popular brands are Screen Innovations and VividStorm Screens. There are some knock off versions out there, just make sure you know who exactly manufactured the screens. 

Why Should I Think About Getting The Aegis Av Andromeda UST Projector Cabinet?

The Aegis AV Andromeda has lots of cool stuff, like a moving compartment for your projector, filtered cooling, a built-in screen, built-in speaker doors and concealed subwoofer, along with several other premium options.


Picking the right UST projector cabinet is key to an awesome home theater. Look at things like size, cooling, and appearance to find one that fits your needs. Whether you go for something ready-made or customize your own, getting a good cabinet will make your movie nights even better.

Whether you get one already made, like the Aegis AV Andromeda, or make your own. Getting a good cabinet is worth it for a better home cinema experience.

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