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Choose the Best Floor Rising Projector Screen: An Aegis Guide

Choose the Best Floor Rising Projector Screen
Choose the Best Floor Rising Projector Screen
Choose the Best Floor Rising Projector Screen

Are you looking for the best floor-rising projector screen that offers the best value for your money? Well, we got you. We provide the best products that make a real difference in your home theater experience. But there are so many options available. How do you pick the best floor rising projector for yourself? There are no issues. This article will explore the benefits of having a floor-rising projector screen, what makes us different, and how our products stand out. Turn your living room into a movie theater paradise with a floor rising projection screen from Aegis AV Cabinets.

What is a Floor Rising Projector Screen?

Before discussing the features and benefits, let’s break down the basics.​ A rise projector screen that rises from the floor​ is called​ a floor-rising screen.​ It gives you greater flexibility than screens fixed to the walls or ceilings. No permanent installations are required. Simply place the screen in your desired location and raise it with a remote control or through home automation. It is perfect for apartments, shared spaces, and single family homes of all sizes.

Benefits Of Having A Floor Rising Projector Screen

Well, now that you know what a floor rising projector screen is, let’s explore the many reasons why you might want one:

Get a Real Experience: Change the look of your room with the best floor rising projector screen. You can watch action-packed movies​ and captivating documentaries​ on​ a big screen that you can change​ to fit your needs.

Space-Saving Design: Gone are the days when big TVs took​ up your sitting room. The screen hides away​ in its base when it’s not​ in use, freeing​ up the wall space and giving the room​ a clean look. They are also perfect for large window walls because they are concealed inside the cabinet when not in use and wont block your view. 

Flexibility: Floor-rising screens give you the most options.  If you want to raise and lower the screen depending on the projector throw, or the aspect ratio… all of that can be done in seconds. 

Multiple Uses:  Floor-rising projector screens can be used for more than movie nights. They are great for presentations, video games, sports events, and even displaying digital art.

How To Choose The Best Floor Rising Projector Screen

Many choices are available for floor rising projector screens. Here’s what to keep in mind:

Screen Material:

  • Matte White: Affordable with decent quality in controlled lighting.
  • High Gain: Brighter for well-lit rooms.
  • ALR (Ambient Light Rejecting): Superior quality in any lighting, rejects ambient light for vibrant visuals.

Motorized vs. Manual:

  • Motorized: Convenient remote control operation for convenience and ease.
  • Manual: Budget-friendly but is fixed and not adjustable.


  • Opt for a size based on viewing distance and room dimensions.
  • Aim for a screen size of 1.5 to 2.5 times your viewing distance for immersion.


  • Some models offer lightweight, portable designs for outdoor movie nights or presentations.
  • Compact and flexible for various uses.

Think about these factors to find the best fit for your viewing needs. Check our best-rising screen compatible cabinet models, ANDROMEDA, ARES 100″, and ARES 120″. They are all fully customizable to suit your needs. 

Why Choose Our Floor Rising Projection Screen?

At Aegis, we understand that a great value for your dollar is a top priority. We have competitive prices on high-quality Aegis floor rising projector screens. So you can get the best for your money.  Here’s what truly sets us apart:

Top-Quality Materials

Our screens are crafted with premium materials, guaranteeing exceptional picture quality and vivid colors. If you prefer matte grey, high gain, or ALR screens, you’ll enjoy impressive performance.

Effortless Operation

Our screens feature smooth, quiet, motorized operation. With a remote control button press, elevate your movie nights with elegance and convenience.

Built to Last

Designed for durability, Aegis screens boast sturdy casings and high-quality components. Rest assured, your screen will provide years of entertainment and withstand regular use.

Exceptional Support

Our friendly customer service team will make sure that you have​ a pleasant experience. We’re here​ to help you every step​ of the way. Whether you need help choosing the right screen or need help setting it up.

Picking the Best Aegis Screen

You can find a floor rising projector screen from Aegis that fits your needs and budget. Here are a few quick suggestions to help you find the right screen from us:

  • Budget-Friendly Option: Our ALR matte grey screen delivers excellent picture quality at an affordable price.
  • Bright Room Solution: Choose our ALR high-gain screen for exceptional brightness in well-lit spaces.
  • Ultimate Cinematic Experience: Opt for our ALR Pet crystal screen for stunning visuals in any lighting conditions.

Invest in Your Entertainment

To sum up,​ we are confident that​ a floor-standing projector screen​ is​ a great addition​ to your home theater system. Getting​ the best floor rising projector screen​ is​ an investment to improve your home theater. You can turn any room into​ a beautiful movie theater​ with the right screen. Where your favorite movies and​ TV shows come​ to life.​ A floor-rising projector screen gives you the most options and​ is the most convenient for movie fans, gamers,​ and people who like​ to have guests.


What​ Is The Best Height For​ A Projector Screen From The Floor?

To determine the ideal height, consider eye level.​ On average, eyes are between 42 and 50 inches from the floor when seated.​ A safe bet​ is around​ 48 inches for everyone. Align your eye level with the boundary line between the top 2/3 and bottom 1/3​ оf the screen for optimal viewing comfort.

Which Screen​ Is Best For​ A Projector?

Ultra Short Throw Ambient Light Rejecting screens are ideal for all UST projectors.  Various aspect ratios accommodate different content formats, providing​ an immersive viewing experience.

How High Should​ a 120-inch Projector Screen​ Be From The Floor?

For​ a 120-inch screen, aim for the bottom third​ to​ be about​ 40 inches above the floor, considering the viewable area height​ оf approximately​ 59 inches. This ensures comfortable viewing without straining the neck.

Which Projector​ Is Good For The Eyes?

Most UST projectors are certified for eye protection​ by TUV Rheinland Low Blue Light. This certification ensures reduced eye strain, making them​ a reliable choice for prolonged viewing.

Is​ A Projector Better Than​ A TV?

Projectors offer​ a cost-effective alternative​ to large TVs, providing​ a cinematic experience​ at​ a more affordable price. They’re particularly suitable for smaller spaces, offering flexibility and versatility​ іn placement. Most TV’s are not ALR and have a lot of reflections that are not suitable for lighted rooms. 

Is​ A 120-Inch Projector Screen Too Big?

A 120-inch screen​ is considered large and suitable for most home theaters and conference rooms.​ It provides​ an immersive viewing experience without overwhelming the space.

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