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Enhance Your Viewing Experience: Motorized Projection Screen

Enhance Your Viewing Experience - Motorized Projection Screen
Enhance Your Viewing Experience - Motorized Projection Screen

In the modern era of 2024, the home cinema experience has changed with a home cinema screen projector. Thanks to the innovative motorized projection screen, it’s now more immersive and easy to use. At Aegis AV,​ we always offer the best value for your money with our premium motorized projector screen. It’s designed​ to enhance your viewing experience and upgrade your home entertainment system. Let’s talk about its benefits and why​ it must​ be implemented​ in 2024.​.

What Is A Motorized Projection Screen?

A Motorized Projection Screen is like magic for your movie nights! This screen is unique because it can roll up and hide when not in use. Plus gives you more space in your room. You can control it to motorize up and down when you power on and off your projector. That way makes it super easy to use. These screens come in different material types for an immersive and clear 4k display. They’re perfect for home theaters or big meeting and conference rooms where you want everything to look sleek and cool. They’re a bit more expensive than regular screens, but they’re worth it because they’re well hidden when not in use, and within 30 seconds rises to give you an amazing 4k image!

Comprehensive Table Of Having Or No-Having Motorized Projection Screen

FeatureMotorized Projection ScreenFixed Projection Screen
ConvenienceEffortless operation with projector remote or voice controlRequires manual setup and takedown
AestheticsIntegrates seamlessly into ceiling or cabinet and is perfect for window walls because it is hidden when not in useCreates a bulky presence in the room and is a permanent fixture on the wall. Cannot be used for glass wall applications.
DurabilityHigh tension for a flat image, and requires less dusting because it is stored away when not in useAlways exposed, so it is more prone to foreign particles and requires constant dusting
Picture QualityHigh-quality screens from several optional manufacturers offer superior viewing surfaces depending on your budgetMay have lower-quality materials
Setup TimeScreen drops into the cradle and is an easy setup process that can be done by one personIt requires time and effort to set up, requires three people to get lined up correctly, and is not adjustable once installed
Social AppealCreates a wow factor and demands the attention in the room even when closedYou always have a massive screen on the wall even when not in use 
Initial CostCompetitive costSame cost with less function
Long-Term ValueIt lasts longer due to reduced dust exposure and damage because it is concealed when not in useExposed to dust 100% of the time, and is always exposed and can be damaged by children and pets. 
Home ValuePack up and take with you without having to repair damage to the wallRequires the seller to either include the screen with the sell of their home, or remove and have to repair the sheetrock. 
ControlYou can control it from your seat using a remote or home automationRequires manual operation to adjust the screen height

The Benefits of Our Motorized Projection Screens

The Benefits of Our Motorized Projection Screens- Aegis ARTEMIS WIDE

The job can be done with regular projector screens. But they are not even close when it comes to ease of use, looks, and the general viewing experience. But Motorized projection screens offer several benefits over manual screens. Whether it’s traditional televisions for home theaters and presentations. Let’s find out some key advantages:

Effortless Control: You can easily control it with home automation or remote control. The screen position, height, and angle are easy to adjust, so you can customize the watching experience to your needs.

Space-Saving Design: You can easily build our motorized projection screens into your cabinet, wall, or ceiling. It keeps the sleek, modern look while saving valuable wall space and allowing you the ability to hang wall art to be displayed when not in use.  

Optimal Image Quality: Our screen selections are designed to deliver exceptional image quality. Plus, it has high gain and ambient light rejection that allows you to have  accurate color reproduction and contrast, which makes watching projection in a lighted room a reality.

Durability and Longevity: Motorized screens are designed to be durable because we use high-quality products with the latest engineering methods that produce a high tension flat viewing surface. The hidden design protects the screen from dust and other elements when not in use.  This ensures that screens longevity and display quality.

Easy Installation: With comprehensive installation guides and technical support. Help you make it easy for you to set up and enjoy your new home cinema system. Screens are adjustable after the install to get the correct height, whereas fixed wall mounted screens have no adjustability after it is hung. 

Cost-Effective: Our screen selections offer better value for your dollar with more functions that provide a better cost-benefit ratio and immersive viewing experience.Why Choose Our Floor Rising Projection Screen?

Beyond Convenience: The Luxury Factor of Motorized Screens

Let’s talk about why motorized screens are more than just handy gadgets – they’re like adding a touch of luxury to your home. Here’s  the  2 factors:

  • Think about having a movie night with family and friends, you just press a button, and voila! The screen glides down or motorizes out of the cabinet, turning your living room into​ a cozy cinema. 
  • When you’re tired after a busy day,​ a simple command brings the screen up or down, and suddenly, you’re lost​ іn an immersive cinematic experience. Motorized screens in front of a glass wall won’t take away from your view when not in use, but within 30 seconds can be fully immersive, and your view becomes the ambiance of your home theater experience.

The Social Upgrade: Effortlessly Impress Your Guests

Now, let’s think about how​ a motorized screen can enhance your guests experience. Here​ we simplify​ 2 essential points:

  • With​ a motorized screen, you can focus​ on enjoying time with your friends and family. It’s like​ a magic trick that keeps the good times rolling without any hassle.
  • And when you’re showing off your skills​ оr hosting​ a game night, the sleek screen adds​ a cool touch. It’s like adding a sprinkle of charm to your gatherings, leaving everyone impressed and happy.

The Aegis Advantage: Where Value Meets Expertise

The Aegis Advantage - Where Value Meets Expertise- The ARTEMIS WIDE

At Aegis AV Cabinets, we know a motorized screen is a big deal. That’s why we offer more than just one option:

Top-notch Quality: We team up with top screen makers for durable, top-quality screens that bring movie magic for years.

Expert Help: Our AV pros are here to guide you to the perfect screen for your space, budget, and needs.

Smooth Setup: We’re not just about screens – we help you create a whole cinema experience, from wiring to control systems.

Customer Care: We’re here for the long haul. Our support team is always ready to help and ensure your satisfaction with your investment.

Investing Wisely: Quality doesn’t have to break the bank. We offer a range of screens to suit every budget, with fair prices and expert advice.


Where Can​ I Buy​ A Motorized Projection Screen?

Motorized projection screens can​ be purchased online from retailers like Aegis AV Cabinets (​ along with a cabinet purchase оr​ from specialty audio-visual dealers.

Can​ I connect​ my motorized projection screen​ to​ a smart home system? Yes, all high-end motorized screens can​ be integrated with smart home systems for voice control and automation using Aegis AV Cabinets controller.

How​ do​ I Clean​ A Motorized Projection Screen?

It is best to wipe the screen clean with a dry paint brush swiping from side to side to get dust out of the ALR material. Avoid using harsh chemicals​ оr abrasive cleaners.

How Much Does​ A Motorized Projection Screen Cost?

The price changes based on size, material, and features. Generally, motorized screens cost more than manual screens. However, at Aegis Audio Visual,​ we offer​ various options​ to suit different budgets.

Is​ A Motorized Projection Screen Worth It?

Yes,​ if you prioritize convenience, aesthetics, durability, and picture quality. While the initial cost​ can be higher, the long-term value proposition​ is strong due​ to its increased lifespan and positive impact​ on home value.

What Are The​ 2 Types​ of Projection Screens?

Regarding how they are built, the two main types of screens are fixed frames and flexible. Retractable screens can be tucked into corners or the cabinet housing, and retracts down from the ceiling or rises out of the cabinet it is installed in. Fixed frame screens come in standard or ALR styles, and are a permanent fixture on the wall.

Invest in Your Entertainment Experience – Choose AegisAV

Are you ready to feel the magic of a home theater that takes you in? Aegis Audio Visual is the only place you need to go. We have many high-quality motorized projection screens to choose from, so there is one for every price and taste. Please go to right now to look through our options. Our professional staff is here to help you get the most out of your enjoyment.

Upgrade your home theater.  Upgrade your entertainment. Upgrade your lifestyle.

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