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120-Inch Projector Screen | Enhance Your Viewing Experience

120-Inch Projector Screen | Enhance Your Viewing Experience
120-Inch Projector Screen | Enhance Your Viewing Experience

In the world​ оf home entertainment, bigger​ іs often better.​ A 120 inch projector screen іs the height​ оf luxury and immersion. When you want​ to make your living room feel like​ a movie theater. Here, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about floor rising projector screen 120—their benefits to why they’re ideal for any home theater. At Aegis, you will get all. 

Why A 120 Inch Projector Screen?

You know Bigger isn’t always better. But when it comes to the home theater, there is no compromise with comfort. A large, immersive screen always enhances your experience to a new level. Let’s have a look at why a projector screen 120 inch the best fit for your home theater:

The Wow Factor: A 120-inch screen makes a bold statement. It can easily enhance your living space into a luxurious theater. Plus, it provides an unforgettable environment for movie nights, sporting events, or video game marathons.

Immersive Experience: A bigger screen means a more exciting watching experience. 

You feel like a dogging bullet into a blockbuster or exploring beautiful nature in a documentary. This takes you to another level, like being in the middle of the action.

Optimal Viewing Distance: A 120-inch screen is ideal for most living space setups. It lets you sit at a comfortable distance, and fills your field of vision without tiring your eyes.

In The Market- You Will Get

Type of Projector ScreenOperationConveniencePrice
Manual Projector ScreensFixedBasicAffordable
Electric Projector ScreensMotorized (Remote)ConvenientModerate
Floor-Rising Projector ScreensAutomatic (Button)Luxurious & ConvenientModerate to Premium

As you can see, the compression floor rising projector screen is the best option. It offers the ultimate in luxury and convenience and is concealed inside the cabinet when not in use. Life will be simpler, and they will give you the feel of luxury with easy-to-use features. While prices can range, there is no match when it comes to concealment that will not take away from your home’s decor. A 120 inch projector screen that rises out of the cabinet is the Trojan Horse into the livingroom allowing you to hide everything when not in use, and motorize out within 30 seconds giving you a massive 4k Immersive display… Only when you want it. 

120-Inch Rising Projector Screen: More Than Just A Screen

Take your home theater to a new height with a 120” floor rising projector screen. It’s an investment to add a touch to your luxurious living space. It creates a truly immersive setting for having fun with family and friends. Here’s how a 120 Inch Rising Projector Screen stands among all-

Experience the battlefield at home: Feel the real experience that you are the hero of the story, advancing through the battlefield, reloading weapons while under heavy fire, seeing and feeling the excitement. It all comes together with a self rising projector screen.

Makes Your Home Better: Looks are important.  A rise up projector screen turns your living room into a real home theater by adding a touch of class and luxury, but does not take away from its decor when not in use. 

Improves Your Quality of Life: Life is short, so spend quality time with family and friends and bring the cinema to your living room with a 120” projector screen. 

Aegis Offers Everything Exactly That You Need

At Aegis, we understand that your home theater deserves the best. That’s why we offer a premium UST projector cabinet designed specifically for Ultra Short Throw (UST) projectors.  These cabinets integrate seamlessly with a 120-inch ALR screen (Ambient Light Rejecting) screen,  providing exceptional picture quality even in brightly lit rooms.

Here’s what sets Aegis apart:

Unmatched Convenience

Our motorized UST projector cabinets feature a sleek, integrated design that houses both your projector and the 120-inch rising screen.  With a single touch, the screen silently rises, and your home theater is ready to go. 

Superior Quality

Only the highest-quality materials are used in the screens we offer, ensuring a vibrant, crisp picture with exceptional clarity.  Our ALR screens effectively reject ambient light, providing optimal viewing even during the day by blocking out all the light coming from your ceiling and windows, and only allowing in the light from the projector below, then magnifying it and reflecting it towards the eye. 

Innovation and Technology

Aegis is a leader in home theater technology.  Our cabinets feature digitally controlled filtered smart cooling systems, ensuring your projector stays cool and operates optimally.  We’ve also offered a premium high-performance built-in speaker door and powerful subwoofer option to conceal the sound,  delivering exceptional sound quality all concealed. 

Beyond The Screen: What Aegis Offers in a Rise Up Projector Screen

Premium Materials: Our 120 inch projector screen is built with the finest materials that suit any budget. We guarantee a vibrant, razor-sharp picture with unmatched quality and clarity.

Advanced ALR Technology: Special features like the ALR screen block out ambient light, so your picture looks great even when it’s bright. Say goodbye to washed out contrast and color during the day!

Silent Operation: The motorized mechanism operates with whisper-quiet precision, ensuring a seamless and immersive experience.

Advanced Cooling System: Our patented digitally controlled filtered smart cooling systems keep your projector cool and operating optimally, extending its lifespan.
Integrated Speaker Option: Exclusively offered by Aegis, the patented high-performance built-in speaker doors allow for exceptional sound quality all concealed inside the cabinet. This eliminates the need front speakers outside of the cabinet, creating a clean, streamlined audio-visual setup.

The Aegis Difference: Value Beyond Price

While some laser projector screens may boast a lower price tag, Aegis offers something far more valuable. An unparalleled home theater experience. Here’s why Aegis represents a more innovative investment:

Unmatched Quality: We know what the customer wants and are committed to providing the best up-to-date technology that ensures exceptional picture quality and long-lasting durability.

Innovation and Functionality: Our product efficiently runs with its look. The motorized UST projector cabinet combines convenience with a luxurious touch, with features like our built-in speaker doors that offer unmatched sound performance.

Seamless Integration:  Aegis components are designed to work together seamlessly.  Our UST projector cabinets work with most ALR screens and UST projectors, bringing large home theater to your living room when you want it, and disappearing to blend with your home decor when you don’t.  
Peace of Mind:  Aegis products are backed by exceptional customer service and a robust warranty.  Invest in your home theater with confidence, knowing you’re covered.


Is A 120-Inch Projector Screen Good?

Yes, definitely! A 120-inch projector screen is versatile and can be used in several applications. It is important to review the different qualities of each screen manufacturer before you choose, and always choose an ALR screen designed for ultra short throw.

How Far Should I Sit From A 120-Inch Projector Screen?

You should sit around​ 12​ to​ 18 feet away. This distance ensures you get the whole cinematic experience, with​ an immersive view that’s just right. Too close will over fill your field of vision, and you could miss out on some of the action. 

Is A 120-Inch Screen Too Big For My Living Room?

Most likely not. A 120-inch screen fits well in most living rooms, giving you a comfortable that immerses you in the cinematic experience.

What’s An ALR Screen, And Why Do I Need It?

It’s a screen that blocks out Ambient light coming from your canned lights in your ceiling and windows, so your picture looks good even in bright rooms. Perfect for daytime or rooms with windows.

Are There Downsides To A Rising Projector Screen?

They might cost more upfront, but the convenience and better picture are often worth it.

Where Can I Get A Good 120-Inch Rising Projector Screen?

Check out Aegis AV Cabinets. We offer top-notch screens that work great with Ultra Short Throw projectors. Visit our site to see options in the products category.

The Final Curtain: Elevate Your Home Theater Experience Today

Upgrading your home theater with​ a 120-inch rising projector screen. Aegis​ is​ an investment​ іn creating lasting memories and enhancing your quality​ of life. Don’t settle for​ a poor home theater experience. Let​ us help you make​ a home theater that​ is both pleasing to the eye and useful. A place where you can enjoy entertainment to the fullest and where your home becomes the heart of it.

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