Select Your Screen Size

Now that we know what type of projector you are intending to use, it is important to understand that not all projectors are made the same. Some can be close to the screen… others a little further away.  Knowing the screen size you intend to use will help us determine which cabinet style is the appropriate design for your project.

Which screen size do you intend to use for this project?

Cabinet Size

Some home theater designs require a significant amount of auxiliary AV equipment, and some… not so much. This is the part where it is important that you inventory how much equipment you intend to use and select the appropriate cabinet size to handle your needs.  Prometheus, Apollo, and Artemis are offered in a wide or middle section only version.

How much equipment space do you require? Select the capacity that best suits your project below!

Cabinet Style

Aegis offers several styles of cabinets, colors, and optional features. But before we get into all of that, lets identify your core needs.

Will this be a cabinet that you intend to use with a flat panel television, or are you interested in exploring ultra short throw (UST) projection?

Rack Mounting Options

Aegis cabinets are capable of holding up to 40 U’s of rack mountable AV equipment.  We offer front and rear facing rack mounting. No need to put a server rack in the closet anymore, just hide it in plain sight in an Aegis AV Cabinet and it will do the rest. Comes standard with (4) baltic birch cross drilled ventilated shelves.

Choose the zones you would like to add rack mounting to and click “NEXT”

Speaker Options

Atmos/Surround Sound Info Button

Looking to complete your surround sound system for a fully immersive audio experience?  Aegis AV has partnered with Next Level Acoustics to provide you with the best surround and Atmos speakers that perfectly compliment the in-cabinet speaker system.  Choose from a variety of speaker options.

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Filtered Cooling Options

Aegis cabinets come standard heavily vented with the option to upgrade each zone with our filtered cooling system that is designed to assist natural convection and provide a perfect environment for your AV equipment to thrive in during its entire lifespan. Comes standard heavily vented… and fans cool equipment by exhausting heat out the rear of the cabinet and assist natural convection.

Choose the zones you would like to add cooling to and click “NEXT”

Acoustically Transparent Center Speaker Door

ACOUSTICALLY TRANSPARENT CENTER SPEAKER DOOR $499:  This open center bay speaker door does not come with a built-in speaker, and is designed to accommodate either a full sized dedicated Center Channel, Stereo or LCR soundbar. Be sure to check out the matching custom LCR soundbar option developed by Next Level Acoustics as part of the Surround Speaker Options. Additional audio format configurations (i.e. center channel only / 2-ch. stereo) are available upon request.


Built-in Center Speaker Door

BUILT-IN HIGH-PERFORMANCE CENTER CHANNEL SPEAKER DOOR $1299: UST projection normally takes up the space reserved for a center channel speaker. On other UST cabinets, the center channel speaker compartment is dropped below the UST projection compartment which is improper because the dialog is delivered to the listening position too low to the ground.  Aegis now has an answer to this common dilemma….

Aegis has partnered with premier custom speaker manufacture Next Level Acoustics and has patented the first ever high-performance built-in speaker door. The speaker is mounted inside the door and extends only 1.35” into the UST projector compartment. This allows the center channel to be in its proper position in front of the projector compartment, not below, ensuring that the listening position receives the proper audio signal at the optimal height.